Alpha Wave


A gorgeous, arcade space shooter influenced by all time classics such as AstroSmash, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaxian. Quick, fun bursts of action perfectly tailored for a nice 10-15 minute break at about half the price of what a decent espresso will cost you!


  • 65 waves spread across 3 gorgeous and well detailed game worlds
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 3 weapons each with their own hyper powerup mode
  • singularity super bomb
  • survival mode
  • a large variety of enemies each with their own unique behaviors
  • boss fights
  • score multiplier to reward better playing gamers
  • kill streak counter
  • 24 un-lockable achievements
  • score leaderboards
  • amazing musical score
  • iOS Game Center support
  • Google Game Play support
  • HID controller support. Ready to play on the nVidia Shield, Xperia Play and Moga Pro¬†amongst others.


“Alpha Wave has slowed my workflow down from time to time due to how fun and it addicting this game is. On the Play Store, they ask if you have 15-20 minutes to kill, and this game does just that”

“All in all, this is greatest arcade shooter I have played yet on Android, it has all of the elements that I like about the genre and it’s modified brilliantly.”
8.5 / 10

“Hidden Gem: Alpha Wave is a nice little asteroid shooter for Android”

Bronze Star, 7/10
– PocketGamer.

Featured Find. 81/100

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